Dragging Canoe at Lookout Mountain

Tennessee's Patriots... stood on both sides of the Indian Removal Issue.



Davey Crockett: He and Cherokee Chief Attakullakulla served under Andrew Jacksons' command in the Creek Wars. He spoke out against Jackson's Indian Removal scheme.



Andrew Jackson - was once a Chickamauga Cherokee prisoner. He disregarded the Supreme Court ruling in Cherokee vs USA over Indian Removal Cherokees served in his household at The Hermitage.



Sam Houston - married Texas Cherokee Chief John Jolly's daughter, and was considered a "Full Blood" Cherokee regardless of no Cherokee ancestry.



Alvin C. York: English, Ulster Scots, Choctaw, and Cherokee ancestry



READ ONLINE! James Adair's "History Of The American Indians" 23 Hebrew Arguments

Then in the hand of Sequoyah the Keetoowah Commandments...

"That means we belong to that in there... the way he says...

We belong to God... and its Israel... God is Israel, Israel psalmers... Israel belong to God."

Spoken by Chief William Lee Smith, during the 1984 KJRH Television Documentary Spirit of the Fire

From time immemorial, the Cherokee have been fighting an internicene war - a war between brothers. Since the end of the Civil War, the United States Government has been enabling this ancient war with your tax dollars! Since the mid 1990s, this war has been escalating into what amounts to domestic terrorism.

This website is the Cherokee Patriotic response to the TYRANNICAL and DESPOTIC campaign of domestic terror by Principal Chief Chad Smith of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO).

Some years ago, Chad Smith spoke to John Red Hat, then a revered elder of The Original Keetoowah Society -- a man schooled in "the Old Ways" having been raised by two full-blood Keetoowah Grandmothers and a Freedwoman. It seems Chad had awakened from a nightmare and wanted some advice. Both men were old enough to be enrolled both in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and The United Keetoowah Band (UKB), a practice that was in later years disallowed. Chad's uncle was the late Chief of The Keetoowah Nighthawks, William Smith. The Nighthawks were the traditionalist religious organization from which the UKB (mostly converts to Christianity) sprang.

Chad Smith told John Red Hat, that after waking from his nightmare, he feared for the survival of The Cherokee Nation. John Red Hat's advice to Chad was this: "We don't have so many friends that we can afford to turn away strangers."

Contrary to this elder's advice, since that time Smith has gone on what seems to many observers as a domestic terrorism campaign, using federal funds against all disenfranchised Cherokee groups which he apparently sees as in competition against his own organization, which is in truth a johnny-come-lately tribe found in the mid 1970s, but boasting 250,000 enrollees.

Chad Smith was recently found guilty of treason against the Cherokee People the United Keetoowah Band, and was disenrolled.

We possess video evidence that Chad Smith's Task Force is spending $900,000 a year to fight disenfranchized "BIA Category 4" Cherokees who are seeking federal acknowledgment... and spending federal dollars to do it! Tactics being used amount to Domestic Terrorism.

Cherokee Israelites?

Between 1982 and 1984, The Keetoowah Nighthawks, whom Creator called "The Chief Tribe of all Tribes in North America" went on record in a KJRH-TV video (click to view), stating that the Cherokee were associated with ancient Israel, a concept abhorrent to some Cherokees -- doubtless due to the antisemitism rampant to this day in the south and midwest among lesser educated people.

The idea that Cherokee are "Israel" is sacred to many Cherokees... chief among them the Northern Cherokee Tribe of The Old Louisiana Territory (NCNOLT) and The American Cherokee Associations (CBC) in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, in the heart of the 1806 Congressional Reservation. NCNOLT Chief Beverly Baker authored a book titled We Are Not Yet Conquered outlining the Cherokee-Israel Connection.

Unaware of Chief Beverly Baker's book, Joe "Sitting Owl" White established a Cherokee Israel Museum in the old Bank building at #1 Public Square, in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

We prevail upon the United States Congress for relief from Smith's illegal use of federal funds.

Smith is continuing an Ancient War which the Cherokee have been fighting amongst themselves for hundreds of years. After the Civil War, the US Gov't signed a Treaty of Amity and Friendship between all the Indians in what is now Oklahoma. All tribes became signatories BUT the Cherokees reserved the right to continue their ancient internecine (between brothers) war. The US Gov't, eager to limit as much as possible the names on Indian rolls, (and financial responsibility for them) was eager to allow this.

In 1865-6, thousands of Cherokees from Texas and elsewhere were driven away at gunpoint by US Troops. Many fled to Mexico and South America. The 1839 Cherokee Nation petitioned the War Department for permission to return to Mexico, but was denied. The Cherokee Nation enjoyed a Golden Age during the 1880s, but during the 1890s -- under The Dawes Act -- the Cherokee nation was enrolled, it lands held in common were allotted in severalty, and the tribe was terminated. Figurehead "Chiefs" were APPOINTED up through the 1950s by the US President to sign off on land claims. In the 1940s, The United Keetoowah Band was recognized in a government-to-government relationship by The United States Congress, before the current BIA recognition schema.

After termination in 1906, underground Cherokee religious movements thrived all over the midwest, assisted by Redbird Smith, their religious rites having been outlawed by both state and federal governments. After passage of the Native American Religious Freedom Act, these groups came out from under cover, and many filed for federal and state recognition... many were successful.

The CNO fought the federal recognition of the North Carolina state-recognized Eastern Band of Cherokees, but after the EBCI began receiving "services from the Secretary" the so-called "federally acknowledged" bands "went to war" against all other Cherokee groups in 1998. Only one individual was singled out at that time: David Michael Wolfe.

Since the Native American Religious Freedom Act (NARFA) was passed, dozens of groups of Cherokees who had secretly continued their governments began to assert their sovereignty.

It is a CORNERSTONE of Indian Law that all Indian tribes are assumed to be SOVEREIGNTIES unless proven otherwise, but under the current Roman-type system of law, the burden of proof is on the tribe making application, and the BIA uses its power to suppress information that may assist, even though is stated mission is to assist rather than to resist.

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